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Become a Vendor



Eclectic Auctions are held throughout the year in our Event Center. Items are sold on consignment basis. Have some items you would like to sell?

Contact us via our email: eclecticauctions315@gmail.com or you can call Laura Iacampo, our Auction Coordinator at (315) 761-9535 with any questions.

Auctions are generally held on a Sunday and there is a 10% buyer’s premium for cash and 12.9% for credit for all purchases. Comfy chairs are provided and good food is always available at Eclectic Eats.

Another option that you may want to consider is to sell items on Consignment within the shop. For more information, contact Laura Iacampo at eclecticauctions315@gmail.com or call (315)761-9535 for terms.

Checks are issued once a month with a listing of your items that sold.